Welcome to Rig Nation

We specialize in providing the trucking marketplace with extended warranty and insurance services for class 3 – up to class 8 vehicles. We provide one of the best-value used truck warranty programs as well as Roadside Assistance Services.

Rig Nation’s comprehensive truck warranty plans are tailored for the independent owner operator and fleets. We deliver quality coverage programs at an affordable price.

You can get much longer life from today’s trucks if you maintain them properly. Engines can go 700,000 to 800,000 mi. without major concerns regarding engine failures. Transmissions can last just as long, as can rear differentials. The issue is that with older trucks you will have additional maintenance expense; there’s no avoiding it.

That’s why you need a good extended truck warranty to cover the breakdown repair cost that could over burden your business. We finance anybody no matter what size, whether you are fleet or owner operator, your covered with Rig Nation.